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Great animation

You made a great short movie, the only things I didn't like were two black layers in the upper and lower parts of the screen and some words was difficult to read because of cool font you have chosen. =)
Otherwise - great animation. I'd like to see some story in the next one or at least longer battle. ;)

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Good game

I don't remember playing Riddle School Series, and after looking at screenshots of these games they haven't impressed me much, but after this game I surely will play these RS Series. =)
Riddle Transfer is interesting game, has great animation and smooth work of its creator. It's also good, that it has more than one song, and songs are pretty good for this game, I think. Puzzles are also quite interesting and challenging.
I haven't liked only two things about this game:
1. I couldn't find this damned elevator key on my own, 'cause I was already used to labeled items and I just haven't checked this damned board with colored notes.
2. The story was okay, but haven't touched or interested me much. Also these conversations weren't so funny for me, if they even must be funny. =)
But overall I see that this game is great and give it 9/10.
And I love your special feature or how is it called. =) It's always interesting to read about the great work's creation process.

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Thanks for the useful tutorial!

I've been wanting to learn flash for a long time already and finally I made my first little flash with the help of this tutorial. Yeah, it's outdated, but it's still useful.
I can provide comments for the actions in the flash as they are in the version CS3 of Adobe Flash. Hope it helps newcomers:
%u2022 Click on the CIRCLE button -> Click on the RECTANGULAR button and then "O" on your keyboard.
%u2022 Insert/Convert to Symbol - >Modify/Convert to Symbol
%u2022 Insert/Keyframe ->Insert/Timeline/Keyframe
%u2022 Double clicking on this frame... -> Right Mouse Button clicking on this frame opens the "Frame Properties" drop-down menu, where you must select "Create Motion Tween"
Thanks again, Tom Fulp and good luck for aspiring developers. ;)

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Nice game

It's a very good game, but it has some weak points.
I don't know if you have asked some of your friends to test this game before submitting it, but it would be a good idea to do that.
I agree with CannedMeat, it would be more fun if pandas and the game itself would be faster.
Because of the slowness of the game from time to time it was quite boring to wait for the transitions from panda-to-panda and from panda-to-gates.
And there a problems with score submitting and checking it out.
Because of that all my high scores that I got for collecting the cakes and stuff had no purpose. =(

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